Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cairo to Cape Expedition coming to Tanzania

By Geofrey Tengeneza.
Siag Travel Agent of Egypt is in the process of organizing an annual Cairo-to-Dar expedition with effect from January next year. This was disclosed by its Chairman and founder, Mr. Rami Siag, after getting the treat of Ngorongro Crater and the Serengeti.
Mr. Siag was leading a Cairo-to-Cape Adventure Convoy consisting of 48 British, French and Egyptian tourists who arrived in Tanzania recently through Sirari boarder on an eight-day expedition that enabled them to visit the country’s unique attractions.
The expedition tagged “Egypt Gateway to Africa” began its adventure trip in the City of Beartiz in Southern France on October 4, 2012, and was scheduled to cut across 12 African countries to its final destination in Cape Town, South Africa.
While talking to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) and Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) officials and the media, Mr. Siag said that most of the people in the group were very excited at seeing the endangered rhino, a hutting pride of lions, herd of buffaloes and other wild animals, as it was their first time to see them in their real life and natural surroundings. “We only watch wildlife on television and DVDs”.
During tour of Tanzania, apart from visiting Serengeti National Park and Ngorngoro Crater, the convoy will also be sampling Pare and Usambara mountains, Dar es salaam City, Mikumi National Park , Iringa and Mbeya before crossing the Tunduma boarder into Zambia.
According to Mr Siag, the main aim of the tour is to open Africa to the world, with Egyptian Coastal City of Alexandria as a potential gate to the continent.

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