Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Press Release by the Minitstry of Natural Resource

THERE IS NO PLAN OF EVICTING THE MAASAI The Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism has reiterated that there is no plan at all of evicting a total of 48,000 people of the Maasai tribe from any place in Tanzania to give way to hunting activities.
This is our second press release on a misleading campaign being conducted by Avaaz through its Website that asks people to sign up a petition to pressurize the Tanzania Government to stop its plan of evicting the Maasai from Serengeti.
Avaaz has continued with its campaign by asking its members to write to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism requesting it to stop the eviction plan. This time they have changed the geographical location in question indicating that when they mentioned Serengeti earlier they actually meant the Serengeti ecosystem. They changed the name of the area after reading our first press release that made it clear that there was no any eviction plan in Serengeti.
The Ministry has appealed to the international community not to waste time in signing up the misleading petition as there no such a plan anywhere in Tanzania. It should be noted that Tourist hunting is conducted in Game Reserves, not in people’s settlements, so it does not involve any evictions.
All those who have signed up the petition are invited to visit Tanzania as tourists and take that opportunity to learn conservation plans in the country as well as prove that the  the Avaaz campaign is  wrong.
George Matiko
24th August 2012

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