Monday, October 15, 2012

Anti-Poaching activism from Tanzania receives WWF Award

The 2012 WW-Sweden annual environmental prize, JIHDE award winner retired deputy commissioned of Police, Venance Bruno Tossi receiving his diploma from the Minister of Natural Resurces and Tourism Hamis Kagasheki in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Tanzanian conservationist and anti-poaching activist Venance Bruno Tossi has been rewarded with WWF Sweden’s annual environmental price Jihde award.
The award from Elisabeth Jihde’s memorial fund was founded in 1999 for rewarding important conservation efforts in memory of Elisabeth Jihde, a Swedish woman deeply involved in nature conservation in Africa. ‘it is a real honor to receive this award and it comes at a time when we need all support we can get, says Tossi.
Tossi had demonstrated tireless successful efforts to combat illegal hunting and ivory trade in Tanzania
Through his fearless commitment and efforts to combat poaching and his innovation in the education of your park rangers, Tossi has shown unique leadership. His work bridges generations of experience in the fight against today’s organized illegal trade in ivory
This cutting edge approach has opened a new opportunity in the efforts to save Africa’s elephants. Tossi has a long solid experience in conservation work in wildlife sector in Tanzania. He recently retired from his previous work and is now leading efforts as a consultant of law enforcement, capacity building the ministry of natural resource and tourism.
He is now mapping the ivory trade, train park rangers in anti-poaching patrolling and establish a network so that courts, park ranges and other authorities can coordinate their work around the ivory issue. The work focused on the southern Tanzanian elephant populations in the Selous-Mikumi, Selous-Niassa wildlife corridors, Tanzania national parks and Ngorongoro conservation area.
The 2011 aerial census shows Selous-Mikumi ecosystem is the most vulnerable area for poaching however- the government of Tanzania has decided to take a tough stand against illegal hunting and trade ivory, which WWF support says Hakan Wirten, secretary General WWF Sweden
The award was presented to Mr Tossi on Saturday, October 13th 2012 in Dar es Salaam by the minister of Tourism and natural resources Hamis Kagasheki

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