Saturday, April 12, 2014

Safari in Green Season April 2014

Random shots of our safaris in April lots to see all bi game animals, perfect weather it doesn't rain that much in the day time in the night yes, not so many people(most are working in the western world) and just perfect safari
-Remember only if you choose Kilidove Tours to guide you
 Lake Manyara National Park,  90minutes drive from Arusha to the park here there are lots of baboons to watch closely, giraffes, buffaloes, lots of birds the flamingoes, eagles and others too many get to see yourself, the underground water streams in the park makes it even greener, the elephant herds can be seen at a close range, the zebras wow! tonnes of gazelles we saw lion trails, kilspringer, did dik, and other many animals not to forget the Gnus(wildebeests)

 Moving on from Lake Manyara to Serengeti DAY2: The crater view point is a great place to see on your way in to Serengeti through Ngorongoro, the day was ok not foggy as it is always, you can see animals down the crater from the view point at least I saw some Buffaloes down there. The small Maasai villages around the crater rim in a beautiful landscape, the zebras and giraffes are seen in many groups on the way, after Olduvai Gorge there are a lot of wildebeest with
 Ngorongoro Crater from the view point

 Maasai villages inside Ngorongoro Conservation area

 Joshua the guide, drive and story-teller
 Entering Serengeti
 Lunch time, I love the lunchboxes apples, juice, sandwich, cake, chocolate, chicken, vegetables and always we could not finish them all
 A view of Serengeti plains from the rooms inside Serengeti Serena Lodge
 I think I see a bird, 'Joshua what is that on a tree'? Joshua: 'That is Yellow-Billed Stork' Do you know how to spell? Joshua 'Yes it is Y-e-l-l-......'

 The groups of lions above they were very focused looking at a very far impala and walking very fast towards it, lucky day for impala he runs for hislife

 Nature took its position, this Leopard stayed here for two days at this man-made picnic site in Central Serengeti

 I love Cheetahs, we were the only car here and amazingly no one saw them

 Game making, hippos, giraffes, elephants and tonnes of birds will post them later

 There was a kill inside Ngorongoro crater two kill, one at the way in and other at the way out, both killed a gnu(wildebeest).

 At one time there was like 60 hyenas waiting for the lions to abandon their kill but this lioness warned them by marking her territory after this they all disappeared 

 Second kill here, and once more we were the first car to spot this remote place, of 15 full grown lion pride eating their kill

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