Thursday, January 10, 2013

Progress of Tanzania's legend in Music Lady JayDee and Gadner G Habash

 Lady JayDee, Justin Bayo(cameraman) and Gastor(guide) walking towards Mandara Hut
 Gadner,  na Lady Jaydee heading towards Mandara Hut

 A group photo at Mandara Hut with Kinapa Staffs
 Lady Jaydee
 Gadner G Habash

 Lady Jaydee at Zebra rocks

 From left Justin(cameraman), Lady Jaydee(center) and Gadner

 Jide Rock

 From front Gadner, Gastor(guide), Jay Dee, and Deo(guide)

 Jay Dee at caves
And here she comes an iron lady

8th Jan - Mandara Hut(2700m) to Horombo Hut(3720m)
Walking hours; 5hrs
9th Jan - Acclimitization Day at Horombo Hut
Walking hours; 4hrs
10th Jan - Horombo Hut(3720m) - Kibo Hut(4703m)
Walking hours; 5hrs
Later in the day they will start heading towards Uhuru Peak(5895m) through Gillman's point(5685m)

Gadner, Lady Jaydee and their cameraman Mr. Justin are in good shape, strong and able to continue till next destinations

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